2013-05-01 8:11 pm

Prinzip Nemesis

Our new band project Prinzip Nemesis is now official.
More infos

2013-03-24 11:28 pm

Tonfall Update

Tonfall release is out now.

2013-01-24 7:55 pm

Tonfall arrives, misc and grim-gimp gone!

Tonfall? Yes! The Tonfall (german for cadence) is a series of events that is organized by the members of the Brezenstudio. It's a gathering of people at interesting locations across Germany with the intention to have a good time and do whatever creative things come to mind, but since the beginning music has been the main aspect.

2012-04-08 1:23 pm

Mumbai and Juhu Beach

Come to Juhu Beach with the Brezenstudio collective. Bollywood, Sand and lots of traffic ...

The Gallery

2012-04-07 2:04 pm

Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island near Mumbai, photos by the Brezenstudio collective. Visit Monkey Island with us.

The Gallery

2012-04-06 1:34 pm

Ghum and Siliguri

Join us on our trip to Ghum and Siliguri in the Himalayan mountains. It is a region of contrasts. From beautiful mountains to temples to markets you can find everything. Welcome to India!

The Gallery

2012-01-14 8:56 pm

Round 2. Attenuation Circuit

Get ready for round two!

This time we feature a Label with a focus on free improvisation, drone, electronica, noise, and musique concrete from Augsburg, Germany.

Attenuation Circuit was founded in 2000 and sees itself today as a platform connecting Augsburg’s local sound art scene and the international experimental music underground. Enjoy!

2011-12-11 11:54 pm

Finally something new! The visitors!

In a loose interval the brezenstudio-collective will feature other artists and projects.
Today we're starting with the experimental and noise music project divine anger of god. An apocalyptic open-mindedness, without demanding pretension or even applause. Here you go!

2011-06-07 2:05 pm

Let the music play

You will find some new musical experiments in the Audio section. We are currently working on some more releases with a new project.

Stay tuned and be patient like you were told.

Your Brezenstudio collective

2011-06-07 2:00 pm

We are back!

Of course we were never really gone. No timetravel, no escapades. We are glad you came by to see the changes on this little platform of vanity. Enjoy your stay and let us know what you like and what you dislike. We're not a social network, so critical voices will be heard.

If you want to publish something on this site you can leave us a note and we will look at your work and send you one note back.

This site is still "work in progress" and the focus is on the photo section at the moment. We will add many projects in the future, we only have to find some spare time. And if we do something new, it will be published here first.

Let's have a wonderful summer with some wonderful nights and use your sparetime wisely, maybe to stare at this screen. We will post news in an irregular and highly illogical rhythm.


Your Brezenstudio collective